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What is the introduction of Android operating system and Android operating?

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The Android operating system is Google’s built-in mobile operating system. It is based on the linux karnel operating system. It is an open-source operating system. The Android operating system has been built for touchscreen smartphones and tablet computers. It is made with C (core), C ++, Java (UI) language. In September 2008, the Android operating system got the first release. Android OS is the most common mobile operating system.

Android Apps or Google Play is the largest online store for android operating system applications. Currently, most mobile companies use the Android operating system for their devices.

There are different versions of the Android operating system. These are:

1.Android Alpha (1.0) Android alpha (1.0)

2.Androidbeta (1.1) android beta (1.1)

3.Cupcake (1.5) Cupcake (1.5)

4.Donuts (1.6) Donut (1.6)

5.Eclair ( Eclair (2.0-2.1)

6.Froo (2.2-2.2.3) Froo (2.2-2.2.3)

7.Gingerbread (2.3-2.3.7) Gingerbread (2.3-2.3.7)

8.Honeycomb (3.0-3.2.6) Honeycomb (3.0-3.2.6)

9.Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0-4.0.4) Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0-4.0.4)

10.Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3.1) Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3.1)

11.KitKat (4.4-4.4.4) KitKat (4.4-4.4.4)

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