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What is Dedicated Hosting? When does it need?

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The website is managed by a shared hosting service, in the very beginning of the small website. In some cases the website is hosted on the VPS server. However, when the website requires the most reliability and speed, dedicated hosting will be an effective solution.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated servers provide all resources of a server to a user. There is no shared resource system here. That is, a server’s processor, RAM, storage and bandwidth – all are allocated for that user. Dedicated hosting is hosting websites through dedicated servers. In this case, if the user wants to use the Apache server on the server, you can host the website (menuwise) or use a hosting control panel to host and manage the website. Because of the hassle of having shared resources for this kind of hosting, Serveine is very reliable and fastest.

Increase website speed

Dedicated servers are much better available on the website compared to shared hosting in hosting. Since the same resources in shared hosting use a lot of websites, so in this case, if your website or other website is more than a visitor then it can affect other websites on the same server. The website becomes slow. Dedicated hosting does not have trouble with shared resources, so your website can use its full resource. So, many times more visitors and heavy websites than shared hosting or VPS hosting can be easily managed in dedicated hosting.

Greater security

Dedicated servers are vulnerable to the services providers of different security responsibilities of various packages, depending on different packages. So the risk of security here is very low. Besides, there is no possibility of being attacked from other scurrilous websites / users like shared hosting because only one user on this server can be contacted.

Although the cost of the dedicated server is higher than the shared hosting or VPS server, but considering its benefits and using these benefits, dedicated hosting will be your most intelligent choice.

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