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How to add custom domain to WordPress dot com blog?

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If you have a personal blog or blog from your WordPress dot com, then you know that the URL of this blog is like this: yoursite.wordpress.com However, if you want to add your own domain to that blog, make your blog yoursite.com You can There are two ways,

1.Registration from the domain of WordPress

2.Adding to the registered domain WordPress from elsewhere

Today I will show you how to add another registered domain to WordPress.com. Adding this domain is not free, for this, you have to spend about $ 10 annually. So if you want you can bring the entire WordPress blog to the shelf hosted wordpress, where you have the full control in your hand.

To add a domain to WordPress dot com, login to the blog’s dashboard and click on the arrow next to Upgrades and select Domains option.

In the next page box, type the domain you want to add to the domain, click the Add Domain to Blog button. This will show you the message to change your domain’s name server. Go to your domain management and change the name server to ns1.wordpress.com, ns2.wordpress.com, ns3.wordpress.com. After that, the time required for DNS updates (may take up to 24 hours), click Try Try again.

This will show the value of the service added to your domain from WordPress. From here click the Map Domain button.

Now you want to pay with a payment gateway, select it and make payment.

Many people who make such payments from Bangladesh may not have the opportunity. In this case, your best way is to translate your free WordPress site to a self-hosted wordpress website.

Adding your custom domain to the WordPress website helps it greatly to increase website’s branding. If you need any assistance in this regard, please comment below, try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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