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Hosting a website to live on the Internet is important. For creating a new website or for websites that already have it, it is important to choose the right hosting. Most of the time, good service is not available without knowing the basics of hosting, and it is difficult to understand when the hosting plan should change the website’s requirements. So today’s article is sorted by the necessary information about website hosting. Hope this helps in the selection of the right hosting for your website.

What is website hosting?

At first we need to know what is the hosting service? How does hosting work?

Any website that has any server. The server is basically: a strong computer, whose job is to perform a special task and serve. The server may be different. But here we are discussing the web server. The job of the web server is to save the file to the website and to convey it to the visitors. This web server’s work is called web hosting and web hosting. The hosting service usually provides a hosting service provider. The service contains all files of the website such as text, image, video etc.

Web Hosting refers to the server which is working on hosting the website and the providers that provide this service. And the servers in which they are located, they are called Datasancer.

Types of Web Hosting

There are different types of hosting hostages. I have discussed these before. You can find out more about these types of links by visiting these types of links:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

Various features of web hosting

For any hosting packages, you should see what works, to see what works:

Network bandwidth

Hosting network’s network connection speed is its bandwidth. Many times the hosting company operates as a bandwidth for total data limitation but it is also good to make clear about their network speed. The more the network speed can be, the more visitors can handle your website together.

Data storage / disk space

Make sure that the hosting provider will allow you to store the data or files. Nowadays, unlimited disk space offers are available in different companies, but when a specific limit is reached, they can shut down your service without informing you. So, in my opinion, it is better to take those packages that have been specified in storage space than the unlimited storage.

Customer Support

Customer Support should be seen as the most important in the hosting service. If there is any problem in running the website, what kind of support is available, this should be confirmed before taking the hosting package.


The domain that your website will visit, the domain is the same. Domains can be compared to your website’s address. For example, facebook.com is the domain of the address, and the domain that you see in this domain is hosting. When you are taking your domain, make sure you get the domain’s full control.

SSL Certificates

Please read my detailed article on the what is SSL certificate


Emails are very useful for managing website and business activities. So, you will also get this service with hosting – make sure not.


Much depends on the website’s uptime. Telling uptime is meant to be online. Most hosting companies offer 99.9% uptime. After reviewing the hosting companies online, the service should be taken to ensure their actual uptime. Websites have negative effects in different ways when they are downtime.


Backups are necessary for data security. The hosting companies do not have the backup service at all, it is better to avoid them. Take the hosting company’s backup service with an additional fee. Regardless, Manualy regularly keep the information backed up to yourself.

Website hosting prices

The price of the hosting package fluctuates with the quality of the service. Foolish to expect good service at a very low price. So to get good service, definitely some research, watching reviews should be hosting from a good company. You can choose packages by comparing prices and other features of several companies. However, you will usually receive standard hosting packages within the monthly 200-250 (in case of physical package).

Hope you feel a bit comfortable for the hosting of the website. Do not forget to let me know if you have any more questions about taking the hosting service!

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