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Android Games: Which Like To Enjoy (Part 1)

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We all play games. It is absolutely impossible to find people who have never played games or have ever played games in the world. High end games or graphics intensive games are basically playing on the desktop, but the advantages of the games are not as sloppy as the smartphones are. The kind of high-end 3D games we could not have imagined before without desktop or PC, such high-end games can now easily play on smartphones (eg: Asphalt 8, Modern Combat, etc.). Smartphones are currently available and smartphones now have the advantage of playing great graphics intensive games, because of the demand of playing games on smartphones. Even Razer Gaming has created a smartphone for playing games. Those who have high and gaming setup in their home are different, but now most of the people of Bangladesh are playing more games on smartphones. I will talk about this Android games today.

High end games such as Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, etc. There are also numerous small games in Android that are more fun than big games to play. Do not know others, I like to play these small mini games from my big high end games. Apart from the limited internet users, they may not be able to play very big high end games. Today you will talk about 5 small Android games that you do not have to spend thousands of megabytes of Internet to download and these games will be more fun than high end games. Maybe you know about some of these games and have played before. If that’s the case, then you can skip that game.

Hopefully you can find out the name of several funny Android games from today’s article that you do not have to get rid of downloading. So do not talk more, let’s start the first episode of this Android Games series.


First of all start with a basic and simple game. You might have heard the name of this game or playing it before, maybe this game may be If you have played before, then there is no need to explain what is in this game. But if you are not playing, then listen, in this game, you will need to put a brick on top of a brick. There will be a brick on top of a brick and you just have to place the brick on top of the screen by tapping it on the screen.

There will be another brick after putting a brick on another brick. If you can not put it in perfect place, the excess parts of the brick will be broken and the bricks start to become smaller. The more you put the bricks on, the game will gradually become more difficult. This game was originally put on this list due to the overlay playing experience. The sound effects, animations, and different sessions and color combinations of each session are many satisfying after putting bricks. You can not stop easily once you start the game.

Racey Rocket

This is also a fun game. This is my most favorite game of all games in this list. In this game you will be given a small rocket and will be given a few tracks where this rocket will be run. This game is based on Gesture. Your job will be to control this rocket by swiping fingers. The rocket will go where you swipe through the fingers. It should be said that the rocket will be shot on it. There are some red lines in the track. If you touch your rocket in some of those lines, then the rocket will be destroyed. Your work will be done, avoiding the red colored line and taking the rocket into the finish line.

The more you play, the more difficult the level will be and the more difficult it will be to control the rocket. The rocket is so fast that you can not easily control it. The more points you collect, the more you will be in the global rankings. If you want you can buy new rockets with your points. And, the animation of the rocket in this game, animations of different details of different types of gameplay, animations of rocket busts, backgrounds of the track, etc. are all great in one word. Because of this game’s gameplay and this animation makes addiction towards the game. If you complete a level and want to complete the next level too.

Smash Hit

This game is quite popular. You may have played this game before. If not playing, you have not yet played one of the most fun games of Android yet. In this game you have to use metal balls to break the glass. You will be forwarded to the first person view in front of the first person and you will have repeated obstacles in the form of various types of glass and you will have to break the glass and tap the screen with your hand and shoot the metal ball over the glass.

As you move forward, the glass will start to become more difficult to break. There will be more obstacles in front of you and more new types of new obstacles. You can also get different types of upgrade, such as making the ball more string or playing 5 balls together. The more you play, the gameplay will be faster and more difficult. The animations that appear during breaking the glass of this game and the sound effects that can be seen during breakdown are quite static.


This is also a fun game. This game is basically called Physics based. In this game you will have a few small pillars or poles in front of which are different sizes. Some are too low and some of them are too high. There will be a block on top of the first pillar. Your task will be to pull the back of the block with your hands and move forward to the front. When shooting, you need to keep in mind that the block goes over the top of the pillar. If the block falls down, then you have to start from the first. Thus, if you can shoot the block as far as possible, get as many points. Each time you shoot the block, you have to calculate a bit and understand how loud the block will fall on the next pillar and will not fall out. Besides, the animations and sound effects of this game are also good.

Into The Dead 2

This game is slightly larger than the size of the other games in this list. So it can not be called mini-games. The size of the game is a little bigger than the mini-games, but it is not as big as the high end games, although the gameplay experience is not less than the high end games. This is basically the most popular game of the PikPok Games, second edition of Into The Dead. The first version of this game is also good enough and fun.

It’s basically a shooting game. In this game you will only run prolifically in the dark and there are many zombies standing in front of you to kill you. You have to run away from each and every one of them. If someone caught you in some way you would kill them and the game must start from the beginning again. You can find different types of weapons, socks, knives etc. in the street. By using them, you can kill zombies. You can also use your points and resources to buy new weapons and bullets, which will help you shoot the zombies. Concept was the same in the first version of this game. Storillan has been made better in the second, the graphics have been more impressive and some changes have been made to the gameplay, which you can understand when you start playing. The best thing about this game is its great sound effect. Once you start playing it, you are bound to like this game.

So, these are just 5 fun Android games that you do not want to regrets. If you have enough free time in hand, then these games can be played on time. Hope you enjoy it. Not only this, there are 5 more fun games. In the next episode, we will discuss 5 more fun Android games.

Today, I’ll end up here today. Hope you like the article. If you have any questions, please comment. take care.

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