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Android Apps for Android Phones

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The popular operating system of Android mobile There are several reasons for the popularity of the Android operating system. One of the reasons for this popularity is Android apps. Because there are a lot of apps in the Android operating system. Today, we will discuss some Android apps that are necessary for Android phones.

“Here’s the list of apps that I have discussed on the App Store links to every app. So, you have to have an account in Play Store”.

Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds

The name suggests that this app has plenty of HD wallpapers which will enhance the display of your mobile phone. This app’s wallpapers will fit according to your device’s screen. Hopefully, using this app does not have to worry about wallpaper for your mobile phone.

Monefy Money Manager

You can use this app to calculate your daily costs. This app allows you to add your budget for your expenses. You can see how much you spend on any day of work, how many percent of your total budget is spent. That means, this app will be very helpful to keep your money in account.


You can use this Sectograph app to create your daily learning or other routine work routines. It will alarize the time you start and finish your routine according to your routine. After setting up the app, you can watch your routine in the clock. However, setting a routine may seem a little complicated. However, with a little time, you will understand the whole thing. You can also set the routine widget you create.

CppDroid – C/C++ IDE

This app will be able to practice C program very well. There are a number of apps available in Google Play Store to practice with mobile phones. There are many programming problems solved in this app and there is no internet connection to use the app. Besides, this app has complete access code.

anWriter free HTML editor

By using this app you can practice HTML code through mobile. That is, this app is very much needed for those who want to learn HTML. In addition to HTML, this app allows you to practice CSS, JavaScript and other languages. There is no internet connection to use the app. Besides, this app has complete access code.

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

We usually use mobile cameras to copy a document on mobile. With this app you can easily scan any document and it will be able to crop arbitrarily according to the need. If you want, you can convert your scanned document to PDF in one click. Also, you can save on its own Drive. That is, this app is for those who want to keep the necessary documents on mobile.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This is a keyboard app. Those who want to write English very quickly can use this app. Because, this keyboard will help you write English very quickly. You can write English words without hand fingers. Those who have used Microsoft Smartphones may know about this advantage.

Hopefully, these Android apps will be useful to you. Do not forget to share the post if you like the article. Thank you for reading the text.

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