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Adding Favicon to the WordPress Website

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After opening any website, the small picture shows in the browser’s tab, that is Fabienne. Favicon plays a very helpful role in increasing website’s branding and user experience. If a user is able to open many tabs in the browser, visitors can recognize your website with your website’s unique favicon.

To add favicon to WordPress, there are usually enough 512 × 512 size png files. But if your version of WordPress is version 4.3, then you have to create 16 × 16 or 32 × 32 size .ico files. File can not be saved as a .ico file in most image editors. So in this case, before saving in .png format, you can create .ico file with an online favicon maker.

How to add favicon

Although there are many ways to add favicon to WordPress, this is the easiest and fastest way. For this, log in to your WordPress admin area and click on the Customize button from Appearance. If the admin area is too slow, its solution can be found here. Now, click on the Site Identity / Site Title / Tagline and logo / Site Logo and Header menu item from the Customize menu. This name is different for different themes. You will now find the option to upload Site Icon / Favicon. Click the Select Image button to open a specific .png file and then click on the Save and Publish button to apply your changes!

Adding favicon to your website in diameter is the end of the job. Now if you use any caching plugin on your website, then clear the site cache and caching and clearing your browser if necessary. Now you see your website favicon!

If your website does not have any logo, and you do not understand what favicon will give, then your granger image can be sent as a favicon. This will bring a more professional amazement along with your own branding as well as the website. If you face any problem related to adding favicon to the website, tell it in the comments, I will try to help as soon as possible. Besides, how do I feel about my writing and how it can be better if I hope to bring you a better writing in future. take care.

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